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Spend a night under the stars 

Camp out in one of the most spectacular campsites the Western Isles has to offer. Situated just up off the shore, our campsite offers stunning views out over the bay with the mountains situated just behind you.


Our campsite has a trendy communal shelter for socialising, wildlife watching and stargazing. Our shelter is also harnessing the sun to help you charge your devices. We have 5 USB plugs on site and 2 washing lines for guests use.

As of Mid April 2024, we hope to have 2 communal BBQs (free to use) which are currently being constructed from natural materials already on island

There is also a separate shower and toilet block located 200 metres from the Campsite

The Bunkhouse access is NOT INCLUDED in a night on our campsite. All services are seperate.

To book please book via the following link


(Base Rate per night) > £10.00


£7.00 per person/ per night


£5.00 per person/ per night


£6.00 each (Max 1 each)

For example: 2 adults,1 tent for 2 nights = £48.

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